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Developed by veterinary experts all products for your horse are tried and trusted to strict "gold standard" quality providing you with advanced formulations at unbeatable prices. ALL UK orders come with FREE P&P.


Rated 4/5 (38 Customer Testimonials)
Hannah Morris says...

"These supplements, Equiflex, has changed my pony's life. Thank you so much. He can now be ridden again despite an arthritic knee and this last weekend he went out for 90 minutes and enjoyed a canter, with no lameness the next day. It is so amazing and lovely to see, I can't thank you enough. I hope other animals can feel the benefits my new forest pony George is, from your VetVits"
Mrs Julie Eldridge says...

"My horse suffers from arthritis and my vet recommended VetVits for her. This has helped no end, so when my lurcher showed signs of stiffness, I ordered the dog one for her. No sign of any stiffness anymore, she is up and running from the word go, no more limping or taking time to warm up, and the results where within a couple of days of putting her on them. Fantastic product, highly, highly recommend! I think the product is fantastic and you can visibly see the difference it makes"
Mrs Colleen Peverell says...

"Customer service is excellent, your horse products got the thumbs up from my vet , even she could tell the difference in my old horse of 35 after being on your horse products. i now hope they will do the same for my dogs. The difference they made was very noticeable, I am now going to order your Equicalm as I have two youngsters arriving and it seems just whats needed to help them settle in...I am sure other customers will be as delighted as me with both your sevice and products"
Louise Farrington says...

"very easy site to navigate around - no fuss"
Gill Mandelbaum says...

"Amber is now 30yrs old and has had arthritis since she was 14yrs old. On first diagnosis the vet recommended sharks cartlidge powders but as soon as I became aware of Equiflex and Equihoof she has received these daily in her feeds. I am still able to ride her for short rides on the flat and no longer than about one hour. I feel sure that the supplements have contributed to her well being and her longevity. I have been told that all being well she should live to about 34-35years of age, a true friend for well over 20 years now and still going thanks to your products."
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