EquiFlex Feed Supplement for Horses

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Glucosamine for your horse now available in a bargain bulk 6 month supply!

  • Clinically tested for healthy equine joints
  • Super strength glucosamine HCl and chondroitin
  • 40% more glucosamine per scoop than standard glucosamine
  • Bargain Bulk 6 month supply now the cheapest way to buy EquiFlex!
496g (2 months' supply)   £20.95
1488g (6 months' supply)   £59.85


EquiFlex Horse Feed Supplement

Each serving contains…

Equiflex Ingredient Information

EquiFlex Information

A comprehensive and clinically tested unique blend of natural ingredients including optimum levels of glucosamine HCl, chondroitin and manganese ascorbate for your horse.

Investing in regular use of a high strength nutritional supplement like EquiFlex from an early age is the safe and cost effective way to help your horse receive the optimum intake of nutrients. Developed by leading Veterinary experts, EquiFlex is clinically tested to help optimise mobility. If you would like to read this comprehensive, independent report on the benefits of EquiFlex, please click here.

Each 8g level scoop contains 5,000mg glucosamine HCl (providing 40% more glucosamine per scoop than standard glucosamine), 1,000mg chondroitin and 260 mg antioxidant manganese ascorbate.

Available in two pack sizes to suit your horse's needs:
496g = 62 servings (2 months' supply) per tub for an average sized horse.
1488g = 186 servings (6 months' supply) per tub for an average sized horse.

Every VetVits product is made using the purest ingredients in premises that conform to the strictest industry quality-control standards known as Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

The entire range can be taken safely in combination and all perfectly complement each other.

Competition safe and individually batch tested.

Each 8g scoop serving contains:
Glucosamine HCl – 5000mg, Chondroitin Sulphate – 1000mg, Manganese Ascorbate – 260mg (providing Vitamin C 170mg and Elemental Manganese – 34mg)
Commencement (for first 8 weeks)
Less than 250kg - 1 level scoop
250kg - 500kg -1.5 level scoop
over 500kg - 2 level scoops.

Maintenance (ongoing after 8 weeks)
Less than 250kg - 1/2 level scoop
250kg - 500kg -1 level scoop
Over 500kg - 1.5 level scoops.

Add to your horses daily regular feed, preferably in the evening.
Mix well and feed immediately. If adding EquiFlex to a dry feed you may wish to dampen the feed to optimise mixing.

Available in two pack sizes to suit your horse's needs:
496g = 62 servings (2 months' supply) per tub for an average sized horse.
1488g = 186 servings (6 months' supply) per tub for an average sized horse..
Glucosamine HCl, Alfalfa, Chondroitin Sulphate, Manganese Ascorbate

What our customers think

Lucy Long

Rated 5/5

My mare kept tying up last year and was unsure what to do, she was also very stiff in the back when doing dressage and it was getting hard work, since using EquiFlex she has not tied up once and even her dressage scores have improved so a HUGE HUGE thank you to Vet Vits!!!!

Mrs Louise New

Rated 5/5

Excellent service,will always be back :-)

Jane Gibbs

Rated 5/5

A great product. My 16 year old mare is a cob and we take part in pleasure rides and endurance rides (so far up to 33km). She is fit, sound and happy. A couple of years ago I won a year's supply of another joint supplement so took her off the EquiFlex. A bad move as within a couple of weeks I could tell the difference. she went straight back on the EquiFlex and I gave away the prize! The dog supplement is also highly recommended. My elderly lurcher (16 years old in a couple of months ) still jumps cleanly into the back of my 4x4.

Rachel Lowe

Rated 5/5

This is my second time buying EquiFlex, it's an amazing product and great value! thanks :)

Rachel Lowe

Rated 5/5

Definately an improvement in my horses mobility! He was diagnosed with stiff back legs and now moves and jumps more freely! Great value for money also. My horse is in his 20's and seems to move much better, I noticed results within the first few weeks! Thank you vetvits!

Harriet Haddon

Rated 5/5

The EquiFlex that i give Rambo are brilliant. He's 22 year old 14hh Fell and still able to jump 2ft6. He only has a scoop every other day, but it works miracles! Thank you :-)


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