Repeat Ordering

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  • Easy to set up and change
  • Tailored exactly to your needs
  • SAVE £1 on every product
  • Never run out again
EquiFlex Horse Feed Supplement
EquiHoof Horse Feed Supplement
EquiMSM Horse Feed Supplement
EquiSenior Horse Feed Supplement
DentaFresh Chews
DentaFresh Chews
Joint Treat Bones Plus
Flexi-Joints Tablets for Dogs
MultiVitality for Dogs
Flexi-Joints Tablets for Cats

Save time and money with VetVits Repeat Order!

By placing all your VetVits favourites on Repeat Order you SAVE £1 off every pack delivered to your door, exactly when you need it. It really doesn’t get much better than this so you can rest assured you are doing the best for your cat, dog and horse (not to mention your pennies!) month after month.

Need any help?

If you have any questions or enquiries, please call our friendly advisors who are more than happy to help.

FREEPHONE : 0808 100 40 80

Questions & Answers

What if I would like to order for more than one pet?

If you have two animals of the same species and size (e.g. 2 Westie dogs) just select the product you would like - select relevant pet size and next to the add to basket button there is a quantity box – simply adjust this quantity to the number you have.

If you have different sized animals, you will need to select the size then add to basket for each pet (e.g. If you had one Westie (small) and one Labrador (medium) select small then add to basket, go back to product page select medium then add to basket). It only takes a few moments and ensures your they have their own precise reorder package.

How do I pay for my Repeat Order?

Repeat Orders can ONLY be set up by using a credit card.

Why can I not use my debit card?

For your security new banking regulations prevent the use of debit cards.

When will I receive each pack?

On receipt of your order we will dispatch your first pack/pot immediately. Thereafter, your item(s) will be dispatched as often as the frequency you specified. (For example if you have ordered Flexi-Joints for your cat, 1 pack will be dispatched every 4 months.)

When will my card be debited?

Your card will be debited with the special Repeat Order price of your chosen product every time the product is dispatched.

How long does the Repeat Order last for?

The Repeat Order will continue until it is cancelled by yourself.

How easy is it to amend or cancel my order?

It couldn't be easier, simply call us on FREEPHONE 0808 100 40 80 and one of our trained staff will happily amend or cancel your Repeat Order immediately.

Do I have to wait a set period of time before I cancel?

There are no obligations on how long or short you wish to stay set up. Feel free to cancel whenever it suits you.